Weekly Update #1

Begin captain’s log, star date 1-12-2014

We are one week into our journey into the unknown.  We have distributed the digital awards for the backers in the following tiers.  If you are within one of the tiers listed below, but have not received your digital thank you card or the digital poster, than please notify me.

$35 – digital mark II
$50 – junior lieutenant
$50 – air man
$75 – lieutenant
$100 – commander
$100 – ace pilot
$250 – captain
$300 – starfighter
$500 – admiral
$500 – hero of justice

We will finalize distribution efforts to ensigns and digital mark Is within the following week.

All of Love in Space’s departments have been working full speed at producing content.  However, because we have not yet received our funding from Amazon, we have not yet been able to begin production on everything we need for the next beta.  We hope to receive our funding in two weeks at the most, and hope we can finally begin our efforts in earnest.

Story Department

Episode 1 will include the following story content:

  • 1 main mission
  • 2 character side missions
  • 2 Mining Union contracts
  • New character: Chigara

The main mission will advance the main story of Sunrider.  What will happen after the Sunrider arrives in Tydaria, only to be greeted by Cosette’s pirate gang? Join the crew as they pursue Cosette and take the fight to her.

Your crew will also give you optional side missions to perform.  Performing these missions will let you gain favor with the girl that offered the mission.  However, the time to complete the character missions will be limited, so you won’t be able to complete every girl’s request.  Will you take Asaga’s mission of justice, or Ava’s guerrilla mission against PACT?

Finally, the factions of the galaxy will offer you side missions as well.  But beware – performing these missions may win you favor with the faction offering the mission, but may cause you to lose favor with other factions.  Mining Union contracts are a lucrative source of money… but just whose side is the Union on? It seems like the only thing controlling the Union’s loyalties are profits.

Next up, we’ll be introducing Chigara, the Sunrider’s new chief engineer! With Chigara, the ship’s Research and Development lab will finally become operational, allowing you to upgrade the Sunrider and her ryder squadron.

Art Department

The art department is buried with drawing 12 dakimakura designs, and so will likely not be producing any game assets for the next four weeks.  We hope that you guys love the dakimakura covers. We’ve already begun to make the custom covers, and I can say that they’re gloriously sexy. ;)

We have new side characters!

Admiral Harold Grey
Alliance Military Leader

One of the top brass of the Solar Alliance fleet, Admiral Grey’s name is uniformly respected throughout Alliance space as a military strategist and a man of honor.  The  Grey family has retained a powerful position in Alliance politics even centuries after the legendary exploits of Madeline Grey, the famed admiral who unified a hundred worlds against the Empire’s war machine.  Today, centuries after its birth, the Solar Alliance is a massive space democracy which accounts for most of humanity’s sciences and commerce.

However, the glory days of the Alliance seem to be waning.  Well connected political interest groups now control most of the Solar Congress, rather than elected officials, and the Alliance has had a string of weak Presidents who have uniformly failed to establish any sort of uniform national policy.  The Solar Alliance has generally turned a blind eye to PACT’s invasion of the Neutral Rim, and does not recognize the Veniczar as a legitimate threat – even though the might of PACT’s fleet grows by the day.  Political gridlock in the Solar Congress, and an elected President who is intent on a negotiated settlement with PACT has allowed PACT’s power to almost explode overnight.

Admiral Grey is one of the few in the Alliance leadership who truly recognizes the threat that PACT poses to the galaxy.  The old Admiral is respected by his men and commands considerable support within the Alliance – but the civilian leadership fears his growing power over the military.  Will the Admiral be a critical supporter of the Sunrider’s lone mission against PACT? Or does the Admiral intend to make you a pawn in his own deadly political game against the Alliance government…

King Jaylor XII
Ruler of Ryuvia

Many millenia ago, the Holy Ryuvian Empire ruled the galaxy as a god would rule men.  Possessing powerful technologies more akin to magic rather than the sciences, all of mankind bowed to the power of the Ryuvian Emperor.  However, with such great technology came the unparalleled power to destroy.  The Holy Ryuvian Empire gradually destroyed itself in great wars of Imperial succession, becoming nothing more than an ancient legend.  Today, the technology of the ancient Ryuvians has largely been lost and forgotten.  What little fragments of their knowledge remains are found in ancient artifacts, dubbed by contemporaries as “lost technology.”

King Jaylor XII is a symbol of Ryuvia’s lost heritage.  Once a mighty and powerful man, King Jaylor has become withered in his old age.  Following the tragic death of his Queen by lowly pirates ten years ago, King Jaylor’s health has deteriorated severely.  Leaving only a singular heir to the throne, who has now vanished from the royal court, rumors of a potential succession crisis have spread in Ryuvia.  With the incoming PACT menace, the people of Ryuvia are on the verge of revolt and demand that the King take drastic action to protect Ryuvia from the fate suffered by countless Neutral Rim worlds.  However, the King appears powerless to protect Ryuvia from its fate…

Voice Department

We’ve now reached the final stages of the casting process.  We’ve received auditions from a few hundred people interested in a part, so casting has been a long process to say the least.  Mike is working on getting the lines recorded, so we should have some samples soon. :)

Sound Effects Department

Steve has been hard at work making sound effects for the game.  Ahem, let’s just say we’ve been shooting a lot of lasers lately…

Programming Department

This one has been where most of the work has been.  Our programmer Paul been rewriting the entire battle engine from the ground up.  Even though the engine still needs more work before it’s caught up to all the features which were in the demo, we’ve already made a lot of improvements.

  • We can now have an unlimited number of units on the map
  • The UI is now capable of glowing and fading… and other pretty stuff.
  • We’ve implemented the full rock-paper-scissors game play which was previewed on the demo.  Missiles can be shot down by flak, laser weapons can be deflected by energy shields, kinetics can be deflected by ablative armor, and melee attacks are countered through blindside attacks.

We’re pretty damned excited how awesome the battle engine already looks and feels.  Now we’re going to completely rework the entire user interface so that you can issue commands much more quickly without having to press so many buttons for everything.  We’re also going to hire a UI artist once we get our Kickstarter funds so that we can make the battle interface look even better.

Other Info

All hands! Take notice that the dakimakura poll will end on 11:59 PM, Pacific Standard Time, on 1/19/14! You have one more week to vote if you haven’t already!

Also, our friends at InnoMen Pro have launched an Indiegogo campaign for their space epic visual novel as well! Jason Cheng, the guy in charge, is kind of like my clone.  To clear up any confusion, this game is being made by another dev team, not by us! (Even though it’s somewhat similar. Sometimes, I wonder if we’re sharing brainwaves or something…) XD Anyways, it’s obviously super cool, so check it out!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this week’s update. See you next time!

Nekomimi out!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Update #1

  1. Good Day!!! How u guys doing so far ya….
    Well.. i guess this is the place that i notify you…..
    Sorry for this late notification as i were busy but yeah… I notice that I only got digital thank you card and not the digital poster.
    Oh by the way, im in the tier $250 – captain
    Thank You…

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