Weekly Update #2

Captain’s log, stardate 1/19/14.

It has been a very busy week here at Love in Space.  Work has not been as efficient as it could be because we still have not received our funds as of the writing of this update.  I have no idea what Amazon is even doing with our money at this point, since they just have just slept on it like Smaug the dragon the past week.  But we are hoping that we receive our funds either later today or tomorrow.  Despite the lack of money, all of our departments have been working hard at producing game assets.

Art Department

Ashton has been making much progress in the art department.

We have completed one custom dakimakura, but further progress on the dakis has been halted because it is too inefficient to make the dakis on Ashton’s current computer.  The dakis require far too many high resolution layers, so Ashton’s computer lacks the computing power to draw it without lag and long load times. (Or perhaps the computer simply cannot handle the sheer fan service of the dakis.)  So we decided that it would be more efficient to focus on lower res images while we wait for the funds to upgrade her computer.

Apart from the daki news, we are undertaking a massive art overhaul for the game.  After the Kickstarter, we have decided the character art did not fit the overall feel of Sunrider.  As much as the whole Hidamari-sketch flat face art style is popular right now courtesy of the Madoka movies, a space opera like Sunrider needed more realistic faces instead of flat kawaiikos.



We also have a new character!

Vice Secretary of Operations, Mining Union

The Mining Union is a vast, multi-planetary corporation responsible for nearly every stage of the mining process, from the extraction of resources on frontier worlds, to the refinement of those ores into starship-grade hulls.  As one of the officers of the Union, Sophita Hagen has taken an interest in the Sunrider.  While she is keen on exploiting the Sunrider’s offensive capabilities to expand the Union’s interests, Sophita is the Sunrider’s best means of remaining well equipped with the best technology the galaxy has to offer.  Ava disdainfully views Sophita as nothing but a shopkeeper, but as long as you have the money, Sophita will have right goods for you to purchase.

Voice Department

Mike has been working very hard on getting our final vocal cast together.  I can definitely say that we’re almost there.  We just need to get our funding so that we can actually sign our main voice talents onto the team.

We’re pleased to announce that LA based voice actor Jonathan Cook will be providing the voice of Captain Kayto Shields.  Jonathan’s previous work includes providing the voice of Walther von Stauffenberg in the PC game Miner Wars 2081. (Note the recordings below have not been post processed yet and do not represent the final product. Wait until Steve fixes the audio. )

We will finally begin to announce who have been cast for the female roles next week!

Sound Effects Department

Steve has created more sound effects! We’ve been hard at work trying to make some sound effects for the mechs.  It’s pretty amazing how challenging something as simple as a mech moving a joint can be to make.  I honestly have no idea how it’s done at all. ;)

Programming Department

And now the big one!  Paul has accomplished a bucket load of things with the battle engine.  We’ve added a lot of new strategic features to the battle engine.  The newest and biggest feature is that the game now understands the difference between an attack which spams a lot of weak munitions, and an attack which uses a small amount of powerful munitions.  For example, we can now have an attack which fires 40 weak missiles that are hard to shoot down with flak, but which don’t do a lot of damage to armored units, and an attack which fires 3 nuclear warheads, which can be shot down with flak easily, but which do a devastating amount of damage.

We’ve also added shields to the battle engine as well.  Tired of getting sniped at long distances by enemy lasers? You can now deploy energy shields which can nullify a percentage of damage from laser attacks.  This will force the enemy to either switch to missiles or get in closer and use kinetics.

We’ve made a lot of progress on the battle engine.  Now we’re just waiting for our funds to arrive so that we can hire a UI artist to redesign the graphic interface for the engine.

Upgrading our Website

We also have a revamped website! sunrider-vn.com. We’ll be slowly updating our website with the new content we’ve made.  This will undoubtedly be a long progress, so we’ll continually be working on getting our website up to date.

Dakimakura Poll!

The current standing for the dakimakura poll is:

1. Asaga 17.04% (46 votes)
2. Sola 16.3% (44 votes)
3. Icari 15.56% (42 votes)
4. Ava 15.19% (41 votes)
5. Chigara 10.74% (29 votes)
6. Cosette 10% (27 votes)
7. Claude 9.63% (26 votes)
8. Kryska 6% (15 votes)

Remember, you only have a FEW MORE HOURS to vote!  Ava and Icari are neck and neck in the race to be immortalized in a dakimakura cover!  The vote will officially end at 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time TODAY!

And with that, I will see you next week!

One thought on “Weekly Update #2

  1. The new Ava looks pretty… frumpy, for a lack of a better word (I think it’s due to the loss of the sharp lines in her hair).

    Sorry to hear about your money being held up, hopefully it’s already been resolved!

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