Weekly Status Update #3

Captain’s Log, stardate 1/26/14

All praise the space whales, we have received our funds! We’ve been paying people and upgrading our equipment this whole week.  We’ve been putting the funds to use, so we hope that you’ll enjoy the updates we have this week.

Art Department

The art overhaul has been continuing.  We’ve listened to your comments and kept trying to tighten up our character art.  We want this game to look as good as possible, so we’ve been stuffing a lot of work into improving the character art.

Ava Design

Asaga Design

Chigara Design

Also, we have something special for Kryska.  Unfortunately, our Alliance liaison officer did not do so hot in the daki poll, placing last by a pretty large margin.  So as a consolation prize, we tried giving her a sexier haircut. Hopefully more people will convert into the Kryska camp now.  (Plus she’s actually bifauxen now, instead of just bifauxen by title only.)

Voice Department

And now our major announcement of the week. We’ve now cast most of the characters! I’m not kidding when I say that hundreds of people have auditioned for the game.  Huge congratulations are in order for these vocal artists, since they beat a competition multiple times larger than the entire crew of the Sunrider, and also to Mike for managing to stay afloat despite his inbox being nuked with auditions.  Without further ado, our cast members are:

Asaga Oakrun:  KIRA BUCKLAND

Kira Buckland is a professional voice talent, known for her dub work in many animes including Accel World (Kuroyukihime), Blue Exorcist (Izumo Kamiki), Magi (Ren Kogyuku), and Rinne no Lagrange (Madoka Kyōno)


Amber Lee Connors is no stranger to voicing indie games and best known for voicing Ginger in Dust: An Elysian Tail.  Among many other roles, she also provides the voice of Mariko in the ever popular Apple App, “Burn Your Fat With Me.”

Chigara Ashada: MARY MORGAN

Mary Morgan is a professional voice talent with extensive vocal work in anime.  Her works include Linebarrels of Iron (Satoru Yamashita), Negima!? (Madoka Kugimiya), and We Without Wings (Kobato Haneda).

Icari Isidolde: AIMEE SMITH

Kryska Stares: CAYLA MARTIN

Claude Triello: SYDNEY P.


Whew, that’s a pretty big update. ;) I better get back to working on the game! See you guys next time!

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