Weekly Status Update #4

Captain’s Log, star date 2/2/14.

Character Designs

We’ve now completed the new character designs.  Ashton will now be moving to once again working on the dakis.  There might be radio silence from the art department for the next two weeks since those dakis are going to take a long time to draw.

There’s a lot of art that’s not on display here, since all of these sprites have a lot of different poses and facial expressions, which will be shown in the beta.

Voice Acting

Mike has hired Jill Harris to voice Cosette Cosmos.  Our beloved loli pirate queen now has a voice.  Get ready for yandere!

Sound Effects

So Steve told me that we needed to buy a new industry grade synthesizer to improve the sound effects in Sunrider.  I was like, huh, I wonder what this synthesizer thing does, and Steve’s all like, “The game’s gonna sound like the Transformers movie with this.”  So I’m like, that sounds cool, and bought Steve the synthesizer.  And sure enough, within three days of purchase, we have some pretty whacked sound effects.

Black Jack’s new sword

So you remember that puny little MacGyver knife the Black Jack was using in the beta? Obviously, a JRPG needs the main mech to wield a ridiculously oversized sword instead of a little dagger, so I upped the size and badass level of the Black Jack’s sword.  Now it finally looks capable of doing some damage.

WARNING! Quick preview renders only! Game graphics will be better!

New Battle Engine

You’ve heard me talking about the new battle engine, but you don’t know what it really looks like yet.  Here’s a mockup of what we’re aiming for.  The battle engine is still in the very early stages though, so this still needs a lot of work!

Click for bigger image

New Credits Page!

Here’s a small irrelevant update! Our website now has a credits page! Yeeeaaahhh, we’re not only the best visual novel team in the world, but the damned sexiest.  :)

Please Help Out the Band!

A visual novel needs a good OP, and Sunrider will be no exception! We’ve hired a Japanese band with tons of prior anime experience to make the Sunrider opening song.  The band’s singer has recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to manufacture some promo CDs.  Help Maya on Indiegogo!

That’s it for this week. Tune in next time for more updates!

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