Shop Open for Business

Hi everyone:

Good news and bad news.  The good news is that our shop is now officially open for business. The bad news is that the Sola 2Way Dakimakura sold out even before I could write this announcement that the shop was open. (The sheer level of devotion…!)

The Sola 2Ways are now a pre-order item.  Sorry everyone! We under-estimated how much people wanted those.  We’ll order another shipment of dakis when the other models get closer to selling out.  You can reserve yourself a copy by purchasing the 2Way now.  We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we try to meet demand.

Also, we’re selling the posters for $10 each!  As a limited time offer, we’ll also sign the first 50 we sell.  After that, there’ll be no more signed versions of that poster.  Also, the posters will ship in a roll container, which explains the high shipping cost.  I’m not sure if people in the US still want the folded posters.  Anyone interested in purchasing the folded posters for $2 shipping instead of $8?

All that and more at our shop!

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