Weekly Update #13

Whoops, so I totally forgot to post the weekly update yesterday. Actually, yesterday was my birthday, so I think I deserve a one day break, eh? :)

First Public Release

After a lot of thought, I’ve finally put together the Sunrider public release schedule. Note that this does not affect the beta schedule for Kickstarter backers, which will continue with a backer beta released at the end of each month.

For the general public, Sunrider will be released as a trilogy of games.  The first installment, tentatively named Sunrider: First Arrival will be released around July 1.  First Arrival will contain the first full arc of Sunrider, of which backers have already tested a substantial part.  Estimated run time is 12 hours.

To avoid confusion, we’re going to stop referring to the releases as episodes and instead just be referring to the backer releases as beta 1, beta 2, beta 3, etc in the order that they’re released. The public releases will be referred to by its name.  We’re doing this because most future betas will have multiple story episodes merged together. Having a unified naming system is important for bug testing, especially because of our new save compatibility system. When someone says Beta Episodes 8-10 crashed when they loaded a save file created during Episode 2 while running patch 4.1 on the Beta Episodes 5-6, we’re going to quickly lose track of what any of that means unless we have a unified naming system for all the releases.

When reporting bugs, please disregard the episode number and just refer to the beta number instead from now. Thanks, that’ll save everyone some confusion. :)

Beta 4 / Sunrider: First Arrival

The next beta will feature the huge finale to the first arc of Sunrider. The entire Neutral Rim has now been conquered by PACT. Facing an impossible mission, the full Sunrider ryder squadron will be assembled with girls from across the galaxy. However, even with the help of six ryder pilots, Shields faces five PACT fleets composed of over six hundred ships bearing down on his position. Will the Alliance Emerald Fleet arrive to help? Or is Admiral Grey the true villain in this story? Finally, Veniczar Arcadius and Captain Shields will face off in the first major battle of the PACT War at the gateway world of Far Port…

Iced Blade Kickstarter

See Iced Blade's Kickstarter! 
See Iced Blade’s Kickstarter!


The Kickstarter for Keita Takanashi’s band has reached the final hours! Keita was kind enough to offer the Sunrider team a brand new ED song if he can raise $7000! You don’t see a Japanese anime band on Kickstarter every day, so consider chipping in for Iced Blade’s campaign! I definitely don’t know when another Japanese indie band will appear on Kickstarter again. :)

Popularity Poll

Vote in the poll! 
Vote in the poll!


Don’t forget about our monthly popularity poll, featuring every character from Sunrider! Is Veniczar Porkchops really more popular than Cosette? Will Asaga beat Chigara? And don’t forget about Unknown Pilot-kun, who might even make another appearance in the game! Who is your number one waifu?

Merchandise at Store-Envy

You can now purchase Sunrider merchandise at our Store Envy site! Here’s some bonuses if you get things from Store Envy. First, there’s $1 off shipping the poster rolls. Also, if you purchase two or more dakis, the shipping prices get calculated correctly, saving you a few dollars.

See our goods! 
See our goods!

Follow Us On Twitter!

Want some more updates on how the game is progressing? I tweet a lot of game updates on our twitter! Follow us to see little art previews and behind the scenes commentary in 120 characters or less!

Follow us on Twitter! 
Follow us on Twitter!

Sunrider Wiki

Need some help with the game? Our wiki is a great place to find tips and strategies. And if you think you’re a real pro, you can even add your own tips!

The story related pages also have some lore and theories! Add your own theories and speculation to the list!

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