Sunrider Closed Beta 5.0 Released


  • Due to the display engine being rewritten, some save files may no longer be compatible.
  • The R&D screen has been revamped. To apply the changes, you must press the “DEBUG RESET” button.



You may also download the closed beta on Steam by entering in your beta password on Steam.


11 thoughts on “Sunrider Closed Beta 5.0 Released

  1. Will i be able to continue the game with episode 1 or i will have to do all again.
    I am asking for the final version of episode 2 will the save be compatible.

    • The battle engine was pretty much totally rewritten, so save files made during a battle probably won’t work any more.

      As for other saves, it’s been kind of random so far whether they load or not. We’ll try to get them working eventually though.

  2. I love it! The combat system reminds me of Super Robot Wars, The characters are cute (ALL HAIL CHIGARA!), the mechas are awesome and the story is interesting! I can’t wait for the next one.

    Oh yeah, I got a suggestion:
    *Ship docking – Ryders can dock into the Sunrider for repairs and resupply, but they can’t launch for few turns depends on the amount of damage they got.

    Also, for a VN/TBS game, its using too much PC process. Think its possible to make it a bit more smoother on low spec PCs?

    Other than that its a great game.

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