Sunrider Mask of Arcadius Released


Love in Space and Sekai Project are pleased to announce Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius is now on Steam.

You are Captain Kayto Shields of the starship Sunrider. Lead your fleet into battles against impossible odds to liberate your home world. Mask of Arcadius is a free upgrade to Sunrider, which contains all of the content of First Arrival, now running in a optimized hex battle engine.  Larger fleets, new orders, additional friendly and enemy units have been introduced, as well as hours of new story content.






De-Censor Patch Instructions

1. Right click on Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius on Steam
2. Go to properties
3. Go to the “local files” tab
4. Press “browse local files”
5. Download patch
6. Extract zip. Move the two files to the “game” folder where Steam installed Sunrider. Do not place the Decensor Patch folder into the “game” folder, only the two files.
7. If applied correctly, “RESTORATION PATCH DETECTED” should appear at the bottom left side of the main menu.

Both the Steam release and the De-Censor Patch are rated M for Mature for graphic violence, animated blood, sexual content, nudity, and language and not for players under the age of 17.

99 thoughts on “Sunrider Mask of Arcadius Released

  1. Thanks! played a bit last night, the new hex battlegrid is a huge improvement (performance and control) over the square one. Looking forward to the story continued in Mask of Arcadius!

    • Finished the Mask of Arcadius arc and I must say… that cliffhanger at the end… I want the next part asap XD Been looking for a good RPG novel and this by far outclasses other ones I played. Keep it up boys and girls.

  2. Odd. I’ve tried installing the decensor patch several times, but it refuses to take. The game just displays “Vanilla edition” in the corner, no matter what I do. Any advice? (I’m running windows 8, if that helps.)

    • You should extract all the files into the “game” folder. So it should add two new files, and overwrite one of the files. Don’t put the Decensor Patch folder into the “game” folder, just the files.

      • Thanks. I’ll try that. My computer was automatically putting the extracted folder into the game.

        *30 seconds later*

        Upon following your advice, it’s working now. Much obliged for the quick support. Now, if you don’t mind, I’ve got a fleet to command.

  3. This is just a curiosity question why if on steam its supposed to be patch 4.2a does it say beta 7.0 when the De-Censor Patch is applied correctly, I’m just curious is all the main menu has RESTORATION PATCH DETECTED on it so I know I applied it correctly.

  4. I have another curiosity question Samu-kun are you the Developer of this game because your the only 1 I see replying to things relating to this game when it relates to a problem or when people throw compliments on the blogs for this game.

    • I’m the owner of Love in Space and the director of Sunrider. However, I’m not a programmer, just an artist and writer, so I get help from Vaendryl, who’s the programmer for the game.

    • Huh, I guess not. I think the programmer disabled that functionality a long time ago because it causes problems in the battle system, and we forgot about finding another way to implement it. We’ll see if there’s a way…

      • Crap, so u make the plot. Well please don’t let and die. Or should I use reverse phsycology dine u guys are always gonna give us what we don’t want ;(

  5. Hey do all the changes from Mask of Arcadius apply to First Arrival to like the new hex grid and the rewritten battle system.

  6. Just smashed through the new Mask of Arcadius, Awesome job guys!!!

    First one was good, but this much better :) you officially have my blind support for future endeavours :)

  7. Hey where is the new decensor patch or is it under the instructions for how to patch the steam version already?

  8. Hey just out of curiosity why even after applying the patch does the vanilla version say 7.1 and the patched version say 7.0?

      • Ya it says RESTORATION PATCH DETECTED not going to do anything to make it go back to vanilla to see if it actually does say 7.0 because right before I applied the new patch it said 7.1 but I’ll take your word that it says 7.0 now.

  9. Is anyone having some random voice that reads every detail that is texted? When I started playing mask of arcadius, there was not a voice reading every text. Honestly, its annoying. Is there a way to disable it? Also during battles, a sky bluish screen appears (not the whole screen) on the game screen. It says something about “An exception has occurred” or “Full traceback.” I had the same problem with First Arrival. I usually select ignore which always seems to work on First Arrival, but it worst on Mask of Arcadius. Now, selecting the ignore option doesn’t work.

      • Thanks it works now. Sorry for the late replysince I take my time reading VNs m(_ _)m
        Btw I feel as if this is more of a linear plot. Chigara and Ava were the ones who appeared more often. I would’ve prefer if either Asaga (mainly) or Claude came to consult Kayto instead of Chigara. I tried my best to avoid both Ava and Chigara, but it seems the choices are almost pointless. However, this didn’t kill my overall enjoyment. I especially like the ending. It is brilliant XD

  10. Not sure where I can send suggestion for goods, but would be much more willing to buy mecha/ship figs than the current goods in the store. Maybe you guys could even make a deal with one of the “3D print-on-demand” places where they handle production/logistics and you provide the 3D models and cash in the sales :-)

  11. I have a question about something I don’t understand. Why are there so many worse visual novels on steam that cost so much, yet this amazing game is free?

  12. I have already applied the patch, and yes, it works, I’ve made sure, but nothing seems particularly different. What exactly did the de-censor patch change? I haven’t retried the First Arrival half yet, but so far in Mask of Arcadius nothing seems to have changed. Maybe it did and I merely haven’t noticed, but can you inform me of what changed so I can know what it is that I have overlooked?

      • My apologies, I accidentally put the reply as an entirely new comment instead of a reply, I will copy and paste it here:

        I am already at the part where I am battling the Arcadius’s (Arcadi?) and I figured since I was so far already I went back and started a new game in the MOA half to see if that is what it changed, but nothing was different. May have been the path I chose, but mine was the Chigara romance path (Not sure if that is pre-determined or if it is based on your decisions, but I will assume it’s decision based) Given Chigara’s personality that may explain the lack of anything different, but I’m still puzzled as to what changed, do I need to go back and replay MOA or perhaps the entire thing?

  13. I am already at the part where I am battling the Arcadius’s (Arcadi?) and I figured since I was so far already I went back and started a new game in the MOA half to see if that is what it changed, but nothing was different. May have been the path I chose, but mine was the Chigara romance path (Not sure if that is pre-determined or if it is based on your decisions, but I will assume it’s decision based) Given Chigara’s personality that may explain the lack of anything different, but I’m still puzzled as to what changed, do I need to go back and replay MOA or perhaps the entire thing?

    • Does your game say V7.1 ? The original version of the de-censor patch turns off when the game updates to 7.1. (However, the game should display VANILLA EDITION at the start menu upon updating to V7.1.) The current version should now work with all versions, but you will need to install the de-censor patch again.

      If “RESTORATION PATCH DETECTED” appears on the menu, the patch should be installed as far as I know. But please confirm you have censoreddata.rpy and archive.rpa in your “game folder” just in case.

      • They are, I had installed the patch just before asking, and I can confirm that it says Restoration Patch Detected. It’s definitely installed, I really just seem to have been un-able to notice a real difference. The patch is definitely up to date.

      • Then I’m guessing you saw everything there was to see.

        I can’t say what here b/c people will be mad about spoilers. I advise starting a thread in the support board if you think the patch is bugged so I can actually say the content in the de-censor patch.

      • Ok, I’ll keep looking around, and I’ll start a thread if I’m just completely unable to find anything

  14. Does the uncensor patch work for First Arrival as well, or is there a separate one – in short, should I just apply all this stuff now (sounds like hex system is a good upgrade) or finish FA before I do?

    Nice work!

    • No story changes have been made to First Arrival, so the de-censor patch should only be applied to Mask of Arcadius.

      However, you should skip First Arrival and just play Mask of Arcadius, since the latter includes all of the content for First Arrival running on the new battle engine. Save files from First Arrival also may not work on Mask of Arcadius.

      • …Awesome! Ok, I didn’t catch that (not your fault, I’ve been skimming at best) – and I’d be happy to run through the battles once again. Is there an easy way to tell how far through FA I am (i.e. a story line somewhere)?

  15. I’m sorry if this is an inconvenience but what is the Mac equivalent instructions because my usual computer that I mostly used is quite old , so I use a Mac to play Sunrider.

  16. Holy crap, I haven’t even finished First Arrival. Good job, folks. This is much, much appreciated and I WILL be donating when I’ve actually got money to donate again. :)

  17. Nice work Samu-kun, I just download the game and on the part of the very first battle against Fontana and I just wondering do you have any advice on clearing this battle because it is very hard especially when they use that -50% energy and I’ve lost 2 times and just give up because it’s so hard even though I’m on VN mode and it should be easy I mean in the first arrival I never lost and now just the first battle and I already lost a lot and I’m so desperate to move the story on so could you please give me tips or advice on how to clear this so that I can enjoy the story. Thanks and congrats for the game

    • Hm, i have done the fight with spamming of the vanguard cannon and short range ftl jumps. sure i have done it on easy, but i made it on the first try, but i dont know how much commandpoints you have. i also have purchased all the passive upgrades (more damage for the vanguard, quantum torpedos, better repair drones) sure the -50% debuff is hard, but if its to hard focus with sola on the supportriders, that should at least slow them a bit down. i dont know, how have you skilled the Sunrider and the Riders? in my case i have been focusing on energie reactor and costreduction, maybe i had it a bit easier because of that (but it helps you when your sniper can fire two shots insteas of one) In short my tips are:

      -Energie Reduction (if possible)
      -Energie Reactor upgrades (if possible)
      -passive Upgrades (if possible, they realy help you in a pinch)
      -Vanguard and Short Range FTL Spam (you can use FTL jump and Vanguard Cannon in one turn + the normal attacks, thats quite some firepower ;) )

      hope this helps

      • i hope it helps, from my point of view its the best way to play if you go on energie cost reduction and energie reactor. maybe you dont do massive dammage, but you can use ure weapons more often, which helps you to annihalte the enemies^^

  18. Oh dear, I very much enjoyed the game but you can’t leave me hanging like that! That cliffhanger is killing me!

    Here’s the deal, you tell me when the third chapter is planned to be released, and I’ll donate you a doggone planet! Uh, there will be a third chapter right? Right?

    ♬COME OOON! I neeed iiit!♪

  19. Just finished the second installment and i must say: it was brilliant :D i realy liked the charakter development and the view on kaitos past^^ they sure had some quarrels back than^^ if the third installment is at least equally good as this than it will be close to perfektion :D its a shame that we have to wait until 2015, but i think it will be worth it :D keep uo the good work you guys are doing :D

  20. First, thanks for make the good games for free. :)

    Let me have a question; what is the diffrent with First Arrival and Mask of Arcadius campaign?

    I have the game recently and I started the game with First Arrival, and I just finished Chapter 6(Bonus says Chapter 5 but it should be a typo), then I saw an ending credit. And I choose to start again for Mask of Arcadius campaign, but I started with the middle of the line, with all texts are already read.

    So, is the ‘Mask of Arcadius’ campaign reserved for the person that already played the former version of the game, and it does not diffrent with First Arrival campaign? Else does it have some diffrence?

    • MoA adds a lot of new story content, new game play features, and new missions. It also includes all the content in First Arrival, except on the new game play system. So you should just play MoA now, instead of FA, since the former includes all the content in the latter.

      • No, I mean, first I choose to play First arrival ‘campaign’ of ‘Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius,’ then after it is done i choose Mask of Arcadius campaign and it starts middle of the line what I played before. So I wonder that ‘Mask of Arcadius’ campaign option is for players who want to transfer the data from ‘Sunrider: First Arrival’, not for the newbie like me. It seems that it will be right but I want to double check.

      • Yeah, that’s right. Clicking the MoA button in the main menu will just start a questionnaire to restore your choices in FA and then start after FA. If you have not played FA before, then you should start with First Arrival first and not press the MoA button.

  21. First of all I LOVE your game
    Second I’m a bit confused, I am trying to play the new mask of Arcadius on the steam version of sunrider But I’m not sure how do I simply start all over again? or can I continue from my last save
    Do I need to specifically patch it or anything? is there any options I need to tick or check or something like that?
    I dont want to miss out on this obviously :)

    • First you dl the restoration patch.

      If your save from FA loads, you’re good to go. Or it might be corrupted.

      If it is, you can either play FA over on MoA’s engine, or just quick start at the start of MoA in the main menu.

      • Heh, I didn’t do anything, I just loaded it up on STEAM and had hexes. It said the save was corrupt and threw a big grey screen full of errors, but I ignored it, loaded it again and everything worked. :-)

        Now if I could just stop getting my butt kicked.

  22. Hello all, first, let me say that I’m loving the game (GG MATES ^^), and that’s why we came to visit your official site. And then I discovered the Decensor Patch but … I’ve tried installing the decensor patch several times, but the game just displays “Vanilla edition Beta 7.1a” in the corner, no matter what I do. Any advice? I’m running windows 8.1, and i have toster PC :P

    Ass: “Simply Powerfull” for steam

      • yes, extract 2 files to the game folder, name “archive” “censoreddata”. i run in compatible mode and all and zero results! Is the second time my PC do this, 1st was i trying to replay Melty Blood (he original VN) and the Melty Blood ReACT patch didn’t work too (and i did play it well in m old PC). i start to think my toaster PC like to troll me -.-“. Just to add one more note, I read a previous post that should replace a file, but did not replace anything when i copy the files to the game folder.

  23. HI I downloaded the game and it wont let me se the ships on screen please help! I cant see any pictures on th battle grid and i have done the patch and it still wont show please help!

  24. For Mac users: How to Apply Decensor Patch.
    -Exit the game if you have it running

    Go here for patch

    -unzip file on desktop
    -Start Steam
    Right click Sunrider Mask of Arcadius in your library list in steam>Properties>Local Files>Browse Local Files>Game>copy the two files into the /GAME FOLDER/
    Start the game and you should see in the lower left corner “Restoration Patch Detected”

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