Announcement: Flash Crowdfunder Campaign To Launch Very Soon

Gentlemen, it looks like we are in a stroke of good luck.

We at Love in Space have come pretty close to finalizing a deal with a professional eroge singer in Japan. We would like to launch a mini-crowd funding campaign to finance the deal with all due haste.

Due to the need to get the money before we can make the bookings, we must raise $1700 as quickly as possible. If we put our wills together, we can likely accomplish this in a matter of moments.

We will be using a custom crowdfunding platform courtesy of Sekai Project’s technical wizardry. The goal is $1700. The campaign will end the moment the goal is met, so there won’t be any stretch goals.

The only tier will be $20 for early access to Sunrider Academy. With early access, you will be able to play the common route and Sola’s full arc many weeks before everyone else, as well as get installments as each character arc is completed before the release date.

Assuming everyone pays $20 and not more or less, that means that we will effectively be selling the first 85 slots of the Sunrider Academy beta.

An OP sequence is always a cool part of a VN you can show off, so we’d like to make one, even if it is an unexpected expense.

The campaign will launch as soon as we have the platform up and running.

We will be hiring μ (ミュゥ) on vocals, with Takanashi Keita (who made the original Sunrider OP) providing arrangement and guitar like last time.

μ has provided vocals of the OPs of a lot of visual novels, including…

Hopefully with your power, we can make our OP just as amazing as those videos.

Because, well, Chigara would look really cute in an OP, wouldn’t she? In case you needed any more convincing, we have prepared an little mockup of what she might look like in the OP!

op mockup

If you put your head to your monitor realllyyy close, you can hear her saying, “Captain, please help me appear in a Sunrider Academy OP!”


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