Gameplay – Yearly Schedule

In Sunrider Academy, you will take control of Kayto Shields as he manages clubs and builds relationships with girls throughout an entire year. Set in the fictitious world of Cera in an alternate universe where technology is far more advanced than modern day Earth, the setting of Sunrider Academy is very different compared to a dating sim set on Earth.

Space travel was already widely discovered throughout the galaxy when time keeping on Cera was set. The Cera calendar uses a metric system, compared to modern day Earth’s use of the Gregorian Calendar.


Each Cera day lasts 10 hours. One hour is comprised of 100 minutes, and each minute is comprised of 100 seconds. For the purposes of the game play, it is not necessary to keep track of time beyond any unit shorter than a Cera hour.

A week is 10 days long. The 5th, 9th, and 10th day of each week are breakdays, while the remaining days are workdays. A month is 5 weeks long. A year has 10 months. There are 500 days within a Cera year.

When writing the date, one puts the month, week, and day in descending order of duration. For example, the second day, of the the third week, of the fourth month, is written M4W3D2.

Throughout the year, there are various special EVENTS. These events are a good way to score affection points from the girls.

winterfestivalM1W4D4: WINTER FESTIVAL

The winter festival is the first holiday of the year. It is a religious holy day of the former Ryuvian Empire, which the Cera Parliament never bothered to change following independence from the New Empire.

During the time of the Holy Ryuvian Empire, the Church of Ryuvia imposed absolute obedience to the God Emperor upon all the colonies, including Cera. The Church mandated worship of the Emperor as a god, and used advanced technology to bestow themselves with seemingly holy powers. The local populace had no choice but to submit to the Church, as it had a monopoly on all technology.

Following the fall of the Holy Ryuvian Empire to New Eden, the new Emperor claimed himself the new god, and the rites of the Church of Ryuvia were adopted wholesale throughout the New Empire.

The Winter Festival marks a day of prayer to the Emperor for the end of winter and a bountiful spring. While most Imperial holidays were abolished by the Ceran Parliament following liberation, the Winter Festival somehow fell through the bureaucracy and was allowed to survive into modern times.

Today, the Winter Festival is merely a two day mid-break. The Ryuvian Shrine holds a large festival on this day, offering cheap food, carnival games, and charms. For all intents and purposes, the holiday has now lost most of its religious purpose and is merely a time to have fun.


Elder’s Day was formally known as the Day of the Emperor, and was a week long celebration of the Emperor’s birth. Following liberation, parliament cut the duration of the holiday to a two day Midbreak and vastly changed the name and meaning of the holiday.

Elder’s Day is now a celebration of the head of the household. Children are expected to purchase gifts for their fathers and grand parents.

The Ryuvian Shrine still recognizes the day as Emperor’s Day and holds a large festival, but the original meaning of the holiday has been largely lost.



Liberation Day is the largest and longest public holiday of the Cera calendar, and marks the signing of the Treaty of Vespa, which ended the bloody Alliance-Imperial War, and formally granted Cera independence from the New Empire. A day of celebration, Liberation Day is a yearly reminder of the freedoms Cerans now enjoy.

During the vacation, there is a large two day long festival at the national park in Cera City, complete with speeches by the Prime Minister, parades, food, and fireworks.

kayto fialM5W1D2: PURE DAY

Pure Day was formally known as the Day of the Sharr during the time of the Holy Ryuvian Empire. The Sharr embodied the Ryuvian ideal of womanhood. Meek and obedient, yet fierce and devoted to the protection of the Holy Empire, kind and merciful, but the most deadly warrior of the Empire, the Sharr is not a role or a title, but a philosophical idea. Like many Imperial holidays, it was heavily modified by parliament after liberation.

Pure Day is now a day for girls to give chocolates to their crushes. Lucky boys may walk to class to find a mountain of chocolates on their desks, while the less fortunate may see their desks completely empty. It is a day of terror and lamentation for boys, as their popularity are gauged and debated by girls, and put in full display for everyone to see.

Surviving Pure Day is now one of the most commonly searched terms on the Holonet for the entirety of M4 and M5.

futuredayM6W3D4: FUTURE DAY

On Future Day, all schools are closed and all businesses are ordered by the government to hire any student for a day regardless of their qualifications. In an attempt to encourage the young to seek gainful employment, parliament passed a bill requiring every student to observe Future Day under penalty of law.

In the end, most students just grumble about Future Day and very reluctantly enter the workforce for a day, before returning to their usual school life.


Trader’s Day is a celebration of Cera’s merchant marine. While the Cera government is strictly isolationist and generally avoids contact with foreign governments, Cera’s private sector has long been engaged with lucrative trade with both Alliance and Compact worlds. Lobbying from the private sector forced parliament to relent and dedicate a single day in the year to celebrating internationalism and friendship abroad.

Many businesses offer huge discounts on Trader’s Day, making it an excellent day to do shopping.


A quite dreary and depressing holiday passed by Parliament to remind the citizens of Cera of the horrors they suffered at the hands of the New Empire. Remembrance Day is a day to pay respects to martyrs who were executed by the Empire for their non-violent protests many centuries ago. Various special interest groups run ads on the holo reminding everyone of the perils of working with foreign powers, and various political factions deliver speeches about the blessings of liberty, and condemn human rights violations by the Alliance, Compact, New Empire, former Ryuvian Empire, and any other foreign nation. Basically, everyone just agrees that foreigners are up to no good for a few days, then return to normal.

students dayM8W1D1: STUDENT’S DAY

After hearing some concerns about the long duration of the school year, parliament passed Student’s Day. On this day, all students are given a day off.

Honestly, it’s only a single day, so it didn’t do anything about the duration of the school year, but at least the politicians can claim they tried.



A three day long festival which opens the doors of Sunrider Academy to the public. All of the clubs of the Academy show off their accomplishments and put together stands. This is your chance to show off all your accomplishments throughout the year!

23 thoughts on “Gameplay – Yearly Schedule

  1. That’s an impressive amount of worldbuilding for the holidays. I’m impressed by the amount of thought you’ve put into this. I also really like the week structure of 4 work – 1 break – 3 work – 2 weekend.

    So the year is 500 days, but how long is the school year?

    Nitpick: “calendar”, not “calender”.

  2. Just wanted to say thank you for your awesome work. I love the Sunrider Universe and im happy to see, that youre making it bigger every day. Im looking forward to the next part and once again. Youre doing a great job!

  3. Whenever I play this game or do anything with it a window pops up and says im missing a script engine “VBScript” for script “C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam|steamapps\Sunrider\lib\windows-i686\say.vbs”. Someone Plz help me with this any way you can because Ive reinstalled this game about ten times and it still says its missing this file. PLEASE help me with this problem.

      • I’ve checked the integrity and reinstalled the game and the problem still persists maybe this is a rare bug. Please if you can if a way to fix this I love the game and I’m not that far into it

      • Perhaps those affected by this could receive a full game file or something because I’ve done everything possible and nothing is working. I fear the only way that I can play without it is to change computer.

      • Additionally I’ve browsed the games files and found the say file it’s saying it can’t find. I conclude that the file has become corrupted (somehow) as whenever I click on it. It says it can’t find itself. I hope this is helpful as we won’t want this passing over onto the next game

      • Nope it still gives me the error saying it can’t find the script engine for VBscript say. I do suspect that my computer is to blame but there’s no way of saying unless I try it on another. Thanks for trying to help. Unfortunetly I can’t play this wonderful game anymore );

      • Just for detail it was just before the pirate girl catches you. That’s when the error just showed up.

      • I can play Academy without any problem (Don’t jinx don’t jinx) which I’m glady for as I normally play through games storyline wise not by release I’m guessing Academy relates to the time Shields was in that student council so I’ll play that before hopefully returning to M:oA.

    • I had this same problem myself, which I managed to fix after about 3 hours of poking around. For me, it was a conflict with my virus-scanning program [AVG] as outlined in the page linked below. I uninstalled the virus-program [which still didn’t fix the registry entry, so your problem could even be caused by an old, improperly uninstalled virus-scanner], and fixed the registry entry as mentioned in this page. Sunrider once again works just fine for me! :)

      • Actually, upon closer inspection, it was an old Avast installation that had not correctly uninstalled [as in the above example] that was causing the problem [not AVG, my current virus scanner, which I am now reinstalling]. Just wanted to clarify. :)

      • Could I perhaps get a walkthrough specfically for the sunrider piece I’ve attempted to do so with no success and what troubles me is that I have no other AV programs I’ve always used Norton. I will continue to attempt this method however it doesn’t seem to be working but that could just be me.

      • I’ve thoroughly checked now and I still can’t get it to work the key is the C:/windows.dll which it states to do however it still won’t work. I will correct that before Norton I had McAfee which as stated in your link does cause problems. I will try to see if that is causing my dilema

      • However regardless my computer is somewhat outdated being from 2010 I am considering upgrading to a newer one. 5 Years and while it works I feel like it’s time to let it rest. Plus the fan burns my hand because of the heat exportation.

  4. I very much enjoyed playing Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius! And I will definitely be wanting to play this game. I, too, am very much in love with the Sunrider universe! ^.^

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