Sunrider Academy Demo + Greenlight Campaign

Love in Space is proud to announce the Sunrider Academy Greenlight Campaign!

Now you can take control of Kayto Shields as the vice president of the Sunrider Academy student council! Manage your life by studying, socializing, performing student council duties, and working part time jobs! Who knows, maybe you might even get a girlfriend from all this!

Continuing our collaboration, Sekai Project will handle the distribution of the All Ages version of Sunrider Academy on Steam. Help bring Sunrider Academy to the world’s biggest PC distribution platform by voting “YES” on our Greenlight campaign!

Second, we are happy to announce that Denpasoft will be handling the distribution of the complete edition of Sunrider Academy! Please follow their twitter account for all the latest information about uncensored visual novels in English!

Love in Space will provide instructions to upgrade your Steam copy into the version distributed by Denpasoft the same day as the Steam release. Once upgraded, the full version of Sunrider Academy will be launchable using the Steam interface and be among the other games in your Steam library.

Want to know more? PLAY THE DEMO!

Please vote YES on our Greenlight Campaign and bring Sunrider Academy to Steam!

greenlight logo

8 thoughts on “Sunrider Academy Demo + Greenlight Campaign

  1. I cant play the game I need 100 dollars to enter greenlight its not fair sunrider is my favorite game but I cant play the next sunrider why does the world need to be cruel

  2. Will the other girls ever be added? Sola is my favourite but Icari and Kriska are close behind, sucks to see they won’t be in it initially. Would pay around ten dollars for this as is right now.

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