Ava Dakimakura

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Ava Dakimakura

Size: 50 cm x 150 cm
Material: Peach skin or 2way Tricot
***NOTE: This only includes the illustrated dakimakura cover.  The pillow is not included

What kind of under the table dealing did we have to engage in to get these sexy pictures of First Officer Crescentia? You don’t exactly want to know, but you can rest assured that the expenditure of national funds was well spent.  The perfect first mate for any bedroom.

This dakimakura is available in both peach skin and 2way Tricot.

Peach skin:  Sharp and lush visuals, but still affordable enough for civilians.  Less soft to touch.
2way Tricot:  The ultimate in dakimakura manufacturing.  Sharp and lush visuals combined with the best softness.

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