As Captain Kayto Shields, embark on a galactic voyage of heroism and survival. With his home world destroyed and his nation conquered, the inexperienced Captain Shields, and his newly minted vessel, the Sunrider, are left as the only hope against a galactic evil intent on subjugating all sentient life. Together with his loyal First Officer, he undertakes to find allies across the stars to retake his home planet and restore peace to the galaxy.

Morality System story2

As captain of the Sunrider, you will be confronted with countless difficult decisions.  The morality system of Sunrider does not ask whether you are good or evil.  Rather, it presents two different archetypes of the hero:  The MORALIST who stands for the principles of justice, or the PRINCE who does whatever necessary to win the war.  Do you sacrifice the few to achieve peace?  Or do you protect the lives of the innocent, but risk losing the war?  No decision is right or wrong in Sunrider.  Offering more than just a question of good vs. evil, the morality system gives the reader two different notions of heroism.  Who will you be:  The moralist or the prince?  The choice is yours.


Find allies from across the galaxy.  From First Officer, Chief Engineer, to Acting Medical Officer, every position on board the Sunrider will be filled by characters you hire through your adventure.  Each character has their own rich back story, and their own romance arcs.  Interact with your crew mates at will throughout the ship.  Chat up a lunch time conversation at the mess hall.  See what’s going on at the Research and Development Lab.  Check the status of your pilots at the hangar.  Even invite companions to your personal quarters for tea time.

The World of Sunrider

Journey throughout a vast open world.  Accomplish missions across the galaxy – rescue a stranded civilian vessel, defend a planet from invasion, deliver goods, and drive away pirates.  Win the respect or hatred of factions ranging from the mighty Solar Alliance, the United Mining Guild, and to the humblest of Neutral Rim planets.  Every planet and faction in Sunrider is replete with lore.  Every world in Sunrider has a history.  Every major character fits into a galactic timeline.  What has happened is already rich with lore – what will happen can only be decided by you.