Upgrade to 2Way Tricot




Thank you very much for backing Sunrider.  As a captain tier backer and up, you will receive one peach skin dakimakura of your choosing.  As an optional elective, you may choose to upgrade your peach skin dakimakura to 2Way Tricot for an additional $30 via Paypal by selecting the button below.

As a note to Admiral Tier backers, your custom dakimakura will already be printed in 2Way Tricot, so this option only applies to the standard dakimakura which also comes with your Admiral rewards.

What is the difference between peach skin and 2Way Tricot?

Peach skin:  Has sharp visuals, durable, and affordable, but less soft to touch.

2Way Tricot:  Combines sharp visuals, durability, and the best softness.

Regardless of whether you choose to upgrade, we thank you for your continued support and will strive to make Sunrider the best space visual novel ever.

upgrade to 2way